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Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

Bid & Pledge

Bid on an item or donate money to help our cause!

There is a new "overtime" bidding rule this year:

BID ONLINE or CALL (906)341-4701:

  • Please include your name, phone number, bid item, and amount of bid


  • All bid items are given a bid number; to help our bid operators please identify your bid item by this number.


  • All bid items will have a start time and end time. The start times are next to each bid item. All normal bidding will end at 4pm.


  • Bids placed in the final 5 minutes before an auction's end time will extend the auction end time by 10 minutes. This will repeat until the item receives no bids 5 minutes before the end time, or until one hour has passed after the auction's original end time, whichever comes first. e.g. auction #1 is scheduled to end at 4pm. It receives a bid at 3:57pm. Since that bid is in the final five minutes, the auction's new end time will be 4:10pm. This process keeps going until the auction has an end time of 5pm. All bidding would end at 5pm.


  • If you have computer or mobile access go to:

ALL PLEDGES CALL (906)341-9701:

  • Bids and pledges may also be made in person at Manistique High School Please pay for and pick up all bid items at the Manistique High School Office before 7 PM on CBC Sunday.

  • Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted


The end date of all auction items is to be announced.

Click on the description of any item to see more details and a photograph.
All measurements are approximate. New items may be added any time!


  • Call (906)341-9701

  • Email

  • Bids and pledges may also be made in person via check, credit, or debit card at Manistique High School


  • CBC of Schoolcraft County
    PO Box 103
    Manistique, MI 49854

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